Current Projects

The easing of visa requirements for business travellers and holidaymakers travelling between Commonwealth states (with the Commonwealth Secretariat).

The 2013 visa project, for report to the Commonwealth summit in November, is being funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat. It follows a recommendation from the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group, established in 2009 to suggest ways of modernising the Commonwealth, it stated that public support for the Commonwealth would greatly increase if travellers could move more easily between member states. In 2012 this recommendation was adopted by a ministerial taskforce and the Commonwealth Secretary General approached the Institute to undertake the work. The Institute’s researcher is analysing the complex situation which now exists among the 54 states. Three high-level representatives, known as Ramphal Commissioners, will visit a sample of 15 capitals around the world to consult on how restrictions on tourism and business travel might be eased.. (Click here for more info)

Upcoming Projects

 The impact of migration on family farming

The migration and family farming project is a follow-up to one conducted in 2011, but this time will involve fresh research in a sample of six states, and will focus on the impact on family farming both of migration, and of support from external diasporas.

Practical assistance for small island states threatened by sea level rise.

Working with partners, the Institute is developing a methodology and technical recommendations for the most vulnerable small island states threatened by sea level rises; such a methodology may also help larger and land-locked states. The Institute is seeking to galvanise Commonwealth political support to implement its technical recommendations.