Patsy Roberston (photograph by Colin Patterson)


Patsy Robertson Memorial Prize

The Ramphal Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural Patsy Robertson Memorial Prize. This is an annual award presented to a young journalist or person (under 30) from the Commonwealth that has made a significant contribution to championing policy and practical changes in their community or society on climate change and sustainability including blue economy; good governance; and trade and economic issues affecting people living in a Commonwealth country or region, particularly minorities and marginalized communities.

The award will be presented by the Ramphal Institute in memory and recognition of its late Chairperson, long-standing Trustee, and influential media spokesperson for the Commonwealth, Patsy Blair Robertson. Patsy helped shape the narrative and is credited with helping turn the tide, against support for apartheid South Africa by the Commonwealth Leadership. Patsy was also deeply interested in developing the capacity of young journalists throughout the Commonwealth. Throughout more than four decades of public life, Patsy helped journalists and leading Commonwealth figures illuminate political and economic challenges facing the Commonwealth countries and peoples including on racism and the role of women in our societies.

Nominations of persons for the award should be submitted to the Chairperson, Board of Trustees, The Ramphal Institute by 15th September 2023 to [email protected].

Nominations should include the name and a photo of the person being nominated for the award, a detailed description of the issue or challenge, and a description of the contribution the nominee made to address the issue along with supporting evidence of the impact of this in the relevant Commonwealth country or region.

The winner of the Patsy Robertson Memorial Award will be announced annually in October, and winners will be awarded a cash prize of £250.

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